We have managed to establish ourselves as a major grower-exporter company with a wide range of top quality produce and we are proud to be recognized among the best agricultural companies in Egypt.

We take great pride in our top quality produce and service while building trust across borders. Yet, with our growing success we have remained committed to our core values of quality, consistency and efficiency, the values that have gotten us to where we are today.



For over 20 years, Dakahlia Agricultural Development Co.

has been growing fresh, top-quality produce in the region. We differentiate ourselves from other agricultural companies through our stance on operating with organic methods, forgoing the harmful preservatives and chemicals used in modern agriculture. Operating in five strategic governorates, we provide quality produce that is distributed to over 30 different countries worldwide. We focus our efforts on providing fresh and flavorful fruits and vegetables through meticulous crop selection and supervision. Our dedication and continuous efforts to be the number one choice of consumers has given Dakahlia international recognition. .


To share the bounty of nature with the world and to become a brand internationally synonymous with fresh and healthy produce.


To cultivate the best that nature provides using a unique combination of organic methods and scientific protocol.


We have what it takes as an agriculture company to compete in today’s increasingly competitive international market. In order to meet the various needs of our clients, we provide a wide range of fresh produce with high quality and efficient packaging and shipping to ensure that our products arrive fresh at their final destination. We not only promise premium quality fresh produce but the assurance of consistency to maintain our position as a well-known agriculture company. Relying on our expertise and passion we easily adapt to international demands and standards. We provide several brands to meet each customer’s specifications and needs.
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