Founded in 1981, today, Dakahlia Poultry is one of Egypt’s largest regional players in the poultry industry.

We operate across a large part of the poultry production value chain and are the industry leader in many of these segments. Dakahlia Poultry operates in parent-stock breeders, hatcheries, broilers, poultry processing, feed production, commodities trade, and veterinary inputs trade. Since its founding, Dakahlia has always viewed its customers as partners, and has adhered to the principles of enforcing quality and scientific know how. Dakahlia also provides the highest quality inputs such as feed ingredients, feed additives, vitamin and mineral premixes, vaccines, and disinfectants to the poultry industry through its international partners that Dakahlia represents in Egypt. Dakahlia exclusively represents DSM, VTN, Biomin, Balchem, CJ, Laprovet, CID Lines, Meriden, Pharmavet and Star Labs in Egypt.



Our vision revolves around a few key factors that determine our success:

• Customers: Offering our enduring commitment to provide top service in parallel with the highest quality products in order to maintain a prosperous relationship
• Employees: Aiming to be a home away from home to each and every employee, whilst keeping a strong internal bond and encouraging them to be the best in our field of work
• Products: Providing the most comprehensive and high-quality selection of products required in the process of poultry breeding through all its stages; products that are necessary to achieve the highest quality outcome
• Suppliers: Distributing only the highest-quality products from the most reputable worldwide suppliers
• Society: Aiming to give back to society at any opportunity and keeping a sense of responsibility towards our nation
• Environment: Focusing constantly on the most proper and healthy methods of manufacturing and production in order to help preserve the environment and reduce pollution and waste


Dakahlia Poultry’s goal is to be the leading poultry company in the Egyptian market on the basis of quality and benefit.

This is practiced by using the highest quality materials, and the most modern management and technologically advanced systems. Aiming to achieve, firstly, the ultimate benefit for the client, and secondly, the common benefit between the Company and the customer.


• Strong Morals: In dealing with everyone, whether they are customers, employees, suppliers, the society and the environment, as well as in producing goods
• Diversification: In providing services and products to satisfy customers’ needs and requirements
• Spirit: In working and dealing with others. We give our all and more, and always aim towards reaching the highest expectations
• Commitment: In applying our mission, vision, and principles in our everyday practices
• Pride: In what we’ve achieved and in the services and goods we provide, and in the constant “newness” added to our reputable services and products. We are proud of our customers’ trust in our brand name “Dakahlia Poultry” For more details please visit us on Dakahlia Poultry Website