From Farm to Fork

Dakahlia Slaughterhouses does its utmost to improve food safety through cooperating with its sister company Dakahlia Poultry.

We operate across a large part of the poultry production value chain and are the industry leader in many of these segments. Dakahlia Poultry operates in parent-stock breeders, hatcheries, broilers, poultry processing, feed production, commodities trade, and veterinary inputs trade. This cooperation aims to execute our comprehensive food safety strategy, to keep risks at a minimum by adhering to a wholly integrated production cycle starting from our poultry farms and ending by being displayed in refrigerators in markets and homes.


The wholly integrated production cycle starts from Dakahlia Poultry breeders’ farms in El Minya governorate, which is considered the largest scale project of breeders in Egypt. Breeders’ farms and all Dakahlia facilities are constantly monitored by an extensive veterinary network to ensure optimal sanitation. Additionally, immune responses are obtained at every stage of the production cycle.


Thereafter, Dakahlia Poultry vehicles transport the eggs to our hatchery in Al-Obour zone in order to select the highest quality day old chicks through the rigorous quality control programs in breeder operations. The high quality eggs are hatched in very sophisticated, high-tech hatcheries to ensure the production of the perfect day old chick. Dakahlia’s day old chicks are selected from the top broiler breeds in the world, ensuring the latest genetic material is at the disposal of the broiler grower.


Our day old chicks are then transported to Dakahlia’s broilers farms which are located in Delta, 10th of Ramadan and soon in Wady Al Natroun by Dakahlia’s vehicles. All of Dakahlia’s farms apply strict bio-security practices. To achieve absolute protection, the farming areas are located away from the main roads, or 2-5 kilometers away from any structure that can be a potential contagion source. There are 3 filtration processes inside the farms. Once past all of these areas, workers can start with their responsibilities. In broiler farms, as well as in breeders’ farms, we nourish our birds with top quality feed from our feed mill which is located in Dakahlia Governante and soon in Sadat.


Dakahlia’s slaughterhouse is equipped with highly advanced, automated machines and a manual, halal slaughtering and cooling process to ensure optimum standards of quality and hygiene. Additionally, Dakahlia puts a strong focus on how its birds are treated. The birds remain in a ‘de-stressing’ area for a specified time until they are calm enough to be slaughtered as this area’s purpose is to provide a blue light which alters the frazzled, psychological state of the birds before and during slaughtering processes to protect the birds from any abrupt physical changes.