Shams Chemicals is one of the leading companies in the Egyptian market that specializes in fertilizers, trace elements and crop protection products.

Founded in 2006, the company was established to supply Dakahlia Group’s farms with the most differentiated agrochemicals in the market. The company’s operations soon developed to become the exclusive distributor for many international brands after observing the positive impact of our products on crop quality and production in Dakahlia Group’s farms. Our products are manufactured with the latest technology in the chemicals field to enhance agriculture development. Our distribution network covers the whole of Egypt, and includes distributors, retailers and large scale farms. We believe that the diversity of our product range, the utilization of highly trained professionals, maintaining close customer relations and observing ethical standards in conducting business are the core reasons of our success.



Shams possesses a rich and comprehensive products portfolio, which continues to grow through our research and development initiatives, which includes:

• Compost : Poultry source – Animal source – Plant source
• FertiIizers : NPK – Humic Acid – Trace Elements – Special Fertlizers – Seaweed & Growth Promoters
• Crop Protection : Fungicides – Herbicides – Insecticides


• Large Farms (more than 1000 Feddans)
• Medium Farms (150-999 Feddans)
• Distributors
• Retailers


In order to achieve our vision and our goals we have sought the support of a number of dynamic, well-established and like-minded companies, who share our passion to develop and improve agriculture. Our growing list of partners includes: